Known Issues

  1. The meta method and the isbn_meta script sometimes give a wrong result (this is due to errors on the chosen service), in alternative you should try one of the others services.
  2. The isbntools works internally with unicode, however this doesn’t solve errors of lost information due to bad encode/decode at the origin!
  3. Periodically, agencies, issue new blocks of ISBNs. The range of these blocks is on a database that mask uses. So it could happen, if you have a version of isbntools that is too old, mask doesn’t work for valid (recent) issued ISBNs. The solution? Update isbntools often!
  4. Calls to metadata services are cached by default. If you don’t want this feature, just enter isbn_conf setopt cache no. If by any reason you need to clear the cache, just enter isbn_conf delcache.

Any issue that you would like to report, please do it at github or at stackoverflow with tag isbntools.