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How to Contribute

isbntools has a very small code base, so it is a good project to begin your adventure in open-source… and it is an app, a lib and a framework at the same time, so you will find plenty of opportunities to contribute.

Main Steps

  1. Make sure you have a GitHub account
  2. Submit a ticket for your issue or idea, on GitHub issues (if possible wait for some feedback before any serious commitment… :)
  3. Fork the repository on GitHub
  4. pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  5. Do your code… (remember the code must run on python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, pypy and be OS independent) (you will find very handy for this!)
  6. Write tests for your code using nose and put then in the directory isbnools/test
  7. Pass all tests and with coverage > 90%. Check the coverage in Coveralls.
  8. Check if all requirements are fulfilled!
  9. Make a pull request on github…


If you don’t have experience in these issues, don’t be put off by these requirements, see them as a learning opportunity. Thanks!

For full instructions read the CONTRIBUTING doc.